Visual Artist

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
BS in Biology

Professional Experience

1994 to present  Visual artist with a concentration in photography
1994–2012  Educator/Co-owner, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Missoula, MT


Earthborn ( 40 Moons, Elizabeth Stone and Just Breath, Linda Alterwitz ) Origen Museum, The Springs Preserve, Upcoming Two Person Traveling Exhibition
Fall 2020 / Las Vegas, NV

Earthborn ( 40 Moons, Elizabeth Stone and Just Breath, Linda Alterwitz ) Missoula Art Museum, Upcoming Two Person Traveling Exhibition
Spring 2020 / Missoula, MT

Observare, The Cassilhaus Foundation, Two Person Exhibition
Fall 2019 / Chapel Hill, NC

At the Doors of Perception, The Lisa Sette Gallery, Group Exhibition
Summer 2019 / Phoenix, AZ

Art and Science, The A Smith Gallery, Group Exhibition
Spring 2019 / Johnson City, TX

Earthborn ( 40 Moons, Elizabeth Stone and Just Breath, Linda Alterwitz ) USC Clinical Sciences Art Gallery, Two Person Traveling Exhibition
June - September 2018 / Los Angeles, CA

Grass Tracks 5, Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, Group Exhibit
June 2018 / Loveladies, NJ

Selected Works, The Curated Frig, Group Exhibit
Winter 2018 / Somerville, MA

Negative/Positive, Pictura Gallery, Two Person Exhibit
August-September 2017 / Bloomington, IN

40 Moons in conjunction with In Other Words, Spartanburg Art Museum, Group Exhibit
January–March 2017 / Spartanburg, SC

40 Moons in conjunction with Enscribe, The Front Gallery, Group Exhibit
October 2016 / New Orleans, LA

40 Moons, The Granary Art Center, Solo Exhibit
October 2016 / Ephraim, UT

40 Moons, The Contemporary Art Center, Group Exhibit
July 2016 / Las Vegas, NV

Skins, Shells & Meats, The New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, Solo Exhibit
December 2014–January 2015 / New Orleans, LA

The Beast Collaboration, The Sagebrush Gallery, Group Exhibit
January 2014 / Sheridan, WY

10 Images from Death by Drowning Series, Blue Sky Gallery, The Drawers
April 2013-2014 / Portland, OR

Clarence Strait 2, Atlantic Roll, David Weinberg Gallery, Light Exhibit
October 2012 / Chicago, IL

Death by Drowning: Dragonfly, Moth & Mosquito Catcher, 10x10x10 Tieton Arts, Group Exhibit
July 2012 / Tieton, WA

Making Tracks, Ucross Gallery, Solo Exhibit
February–May 2012 / Clearmont, WY

Caught, New Space Gallery, Group Exhibit
February 2012 / Portland, OR

Making Tracks, New Space Gallery, Group Exhibit
August 2011 / Portland, OR

Song Bird Song, Emerson Center for the Arts, Solo Exhibit
July 2010 / Bozeman, MT

Little Lives I,II & III Missoula Art Museum, Group Exhibit
January 2010 / Missoula, MT

Wood Cuts, The Catalyst Gallery, Solo Exhibit
December 2009 / Missoula, MT

Finale, Gallery Saintonge, Group Exhibit
February 2009 / Missoula, MT

Layers, Gallery Saintonge, Solo Exhibit
October 2003 / Missoula, MT

View & Visions: Montana Landscape Photography, Museum of the Rockies, Group Exhibit
April 2002 / Bozeman, MT

29 Nudes, Take 2 Gallery, Group Exhibit
October 1997 / Seattle, WA

Grace, Seattle Art Museum, Group Exhibit
February 1997 / Seattle, WA

Collections, Myrna Loy Gallery, Group Exhibit
December 1996 / Helena, MT 

Residencies and Fellowships

Virginia Center for Creative Arts December 2019 / Amherst, VA

Ucross Foundation
November 2017 / Clearmont, WY

Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts 
February 2016 / Saratoga, WY

Ucross Foundation
March 2014 / Clearmont, WY

Jentel Artist Foundation
February–March 2013 / Banner, WY

Ucross Foundation
March 2011 / Clearmont, WY

National Park Service, Acadia National Park  
October-November 2010 / Bar Harbor, ME

Awards, Nominations, and Grants

2019 The Montana Fellowship, Virginia Center for Creative Arts 2017  Finalist Clarence John Laughlin Award
2016  The Baum Award for Emerging American Photographer Nominee 2016  Review Santa Fe 100, CENTER, Santa Fe, NM
2013  PhotoNOLA Review Grand Prize
2011  Montana Arts Council: May Artist in Schools
2011  Montana Arts Council: October Artist in Schools


The Whitefish Review, Issue #23 Spring, 2019

Diffusion, Magazine, Annual
Featured Artist, 2018

Lenscratch, Blog
Featured Artist, February 5, 2016

Orion Magazine, Magazine
Lay of the Land, March-April 2015

Lenscratch, Blog
Featured Artist, February 4, 2014

Butterflies and Anvils, Website
Featured Artist, Winter 2011

Small Lives, Limited Edition Handmade Book
2000, 2009 

Bark, Magazine
Fall 2005 

Offspring, Magazine
January 2001

Outdoor Photographer, Magazine
October 1999

Northern Lights, Magazine
May 1996, 1998, 1999