Visual Artist
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Companions in the Bardo

Companions in the Bardo



Findings in the gap.

Project Statement

Remnants and residue speak to the reality of  impermanence. Companions in the Bardo reference a gap, a transition zone from one plane to another. Old clear glass slide covers from the 1950’s are my subject matter for this project. Stacks of fifty wafer thin pieces of glass were unwrapped from original packaging. Through careful examination of the glass, hints of moisture, dust and time were discovered. Each pane was then photographed and printed using the palladium platinum process to capture the small physical inscriptions appearing as elementary forms that reveal something human. 

Companions in the Bardo is a thirty piece installation. Each platinum palladium image, waxed with beeswax and lavender oil is life size at 3 1/4” x 4” and mounted on acrylic.