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Traveling Exhibition

Elizabeth Stone has created a traveling exhibition of her project 40 MOONS which investigates the personal and universal concepts of identity and existence through an integration of art and science. Elizabeth photographed the daily records of her mother's final forty months. The text is carefully layered in to each image, month by month creating a visual dialog that references the experience of loss and the passage of time. The exhibition is presently available for bookings through 2021 and Elizabeth is available for lectures, discussions and workshops during the time that her work is on view. She is interested in collaborating with the venue to expand educational programming to best serve and help the community.

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40 MOONS Exhibitions
January–March 2017, Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Group exhibition IN OTHER WORDS. 
October 2016, The Front Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana. Group exhibition ENSCRIBE.
October 2016, The Granary Art Center, Ephraim, Utah. Solo Exhibition.
July 2016, The Contemporary Art Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Group Exhibition.