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About The Project

40 MOONS is a photographic series that investigates the human experience of loss which binds us together, the purely personal to the universal.

Elizabeth started the project after her mother passed away in April of 2015. Her mother suffered from Parkinson's disease and dementia associated with its progression. She had caregivers the last few years of her life who would write daily in notebooks about her mother's existence. This text described details of daily life, meals, activity, medication and emotional states from joy to sadness. 

Each page in the notebooks which spanned forty months was photographed and read by Elizabeth, some 3,200 pages. The photographs were then layered in the computer month by month to create a visual representation of that passage of time. 

Notebooks of daily records.

Notebooks of daily records.

Educational Options

The venue will have the opportunity to engage audiences of all ages in discussion on the intersection of art and science, grieving and loss, the healing power of art and Elizabeth's artistic process through lectures, workshops and discussions.

Elizabeth has been an educator for over twenty years and has taught children in one room school houses in Western Montana, young adult girls at risk in Wyoming and adults in workshops on the art and craft of photography all over the United States. She encourages critical thinking in students of all ages by working with local educators to devise stimulating programs while students engage with her work. 

Solo Exhibition at The Granary Art Center and Artist Presentation at Snow College.  Ephraim, Utah October 2016. 

Solo Exhibition at The Granary Art Center and Artist Presentation at Snow College. 
Ephraim, Utah October 2016. 



To set up an exhibition, workshop and educational talk, please contact Elizabeth Stone directly.


About The Exhibition

The photographs are archival pigment prints created by Elizabeth. They are sized at 13 by 13.5 inches, laminated and mounted with an easy lightweight hanging system on the back.

The Front Gallery Group Exhibition ENSCRIBE New Orleans, Louisiana October 2016.

The Front Gallery Group Exhibition ENSCRIBE New Orleans, Louisiana October 2016.

As part of the installation there are 1000 origami cranes folded by Elizabeth from the notebook pages. These cranes can be hung from the ceiling in the venue. 

Origami cranes from notebook pages

Origami cranes from notebook pages

Currently through 2022

Space Requirements 
The exhibition can be displayed as a single continuous line which requires 45 linear feet. The project can also be hung in a grid pattern and would need 20 linear feet and a height of 10 linear feet. 

All work will be prepared for delivery, shipping and handling to the exhibition site by the artist.

Booking Period 
Four or eight weeks.

Insurance and Fees

The exhibition is available for acquisition by appropriate institutions. The art work is in a limited edition of five. Please inquire for pricing.         

40 Moons install cranes.jpg


"For centuries, artists have crafted external validations of their most intimate and loving relationships, with examples ranging from the colossal Taj Mahal to the traditional "Whistler’s Mother." Alongside such grand gestures of affection, artists often capture the tragic effects of loss and longing.

While art is frequently thought of as an escape from the trials of daily life, at its most powerful it can transform and relate to these experiences. The loss of a parent is at once a relatable and dreaded experience. Elizabeth Stone uses art to devise a touching tribute to her mother’s final months of life.

The exhibition, titled “40 Moons,” is named in accordance with her mother’s last 40 months. Each modestly sized print contains a circular moon in its center. The prints follow the viewer’s line of sight, beginning with bright blue moons on the left that gradually fade in color, detail and intensity as one pans to the right. To Stone, this measured decay in vibrancy is a metaphor for her mother’s deterioration.

To create each print, Stone photographed remembrances of her mother’s final months, including daily records, journals and notes written by her caregivers. This information is then carefully integrated into each moon, existing as a backdrop for geometric abstractions. From afar, the prints are captivatingly modern — similar to abstract works one is used to seeing at a major museum. The prints are even more visually mesmerizing upon closer inspection, where their texture and nuance is perceptible. Small words from Stone’s source material radiate within the circular moons, telling a captivating and tragic story of the many minutes and hours that coalesce to form a life. As such, each moon lovingly captures both the minute and the collective.

Indeed, the sadness of "40 Moons’" subject is balanced by its relatability, specifically for the caregivers of elderly parents and those for whom the sensation of loss is quite familiar. There’s something uniquely touching about Stone’s visual statement, that in the face of something so enormously painful, art manages to capture the quiet beauty and potency of life."

— Scotti Hill —

(Excerpt from review in THE DESERET NEWS October  30, 2016)