Visual Artist
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A continued investigation of perception.

Project Statement

The Mining photographs began as an attempt to rid my studio space of excess photographic prints, tests, contact sheets, printing mistakes and dead ends. Topics of perception, beauty and the photograph as truth continue to fuel my interest.

The prints are burned in a large recycled oil barrel. The sparks fly high out of the barrel in to the air. The smoke billows. Often it takes a single match to start the fire, other times it takes many more. The ash swirls around inside the deep barrel and then comes to rest on the bottom. A strong wind will lift the ash in to the air scattering it across the landscape allowing new layers of detritus to surface. Snow falls. Worlds emerge in the bottom of the barrel, a scorched planet, our earth, a moon.

Beauty appears unannounced in these ruins. It was a surprise and caught me unawares. The initial intention of merely cleaning my studio resulted in something extraordinary. I never cease to revel in pure discovery and the generosity of attention. The ash that results from the fire is fragile and brittle. If I pick it up, it crumbles in my hands.

Photographs can feel like truth, confirmation that what we reveal is certain. I am intrigued by the illusionary component of photography to invite wonder and pose questions, hinting at an unseen world.