Visual Artist

Negative / Positive

Negative / Positive



An exploration of transformation and deception through the physical materials of analog photography.

Project Statement

NEGATIVE / POSITIVE  is a personal exploration of perception through the medium of photography. Compositions are made using my old photographic materials. I have piles of plastic negative sleeves that held my film and slides in place, empty slide mounts which appear like structural containers and film - my insides, dreams and memories. 

Small temporary sculptures are built as I balance the sleeves, mounts or film. I photograph these sculptures  using light solely from my two old light-boxes. The creative process moves me like water between reality and imagination as I am captivated by decontextualization and restoration of materials.

As with analog photography, I consider both the “negatives” and “positives” that are created, each has their own intrigue. Structures that become apparent are reminiscent of the buildings from my dreams as I wander from room to room. Landforms emerge from the edges and I think about how we define the landscape. The transition zones transfix me as I continue to delve into the inherent transformative and deceptive power of the medium of photography.