Visual Artist

Negative / Positive

Negative / Positive



A meditation on light through the physical materials of analog photography.

Project Statement

Negative / Positive is a personal exploration of light and perception through the medium of photography. I make compositions using my old photographic slides and sheets of film. Looking purely at the physicality of these materials has catapulted me into a new realm of expression and creative obsession. I strive to walk the edge of focused detachment and wonder as the materials and light have an energy and direction of their own.

I have disassembled thousands of 35mm slides and medium and large format pieces of film. I have piles of plastic negative sleeves that held my film and slides in place, empty slide mounts which appear like structural containers and film - my insides, dreams and memories.

Small temporary sculptures are then built as I balance the sleeves, mounts or film. There is no glue nor clay. It is a tricky balancing act akin to making a house of cards. I then photograph the sculptures; the light comes solely from my two old light-boxes. Inside these boxes the bulbs are aging; they emit color that ranges from blue to apricot.

As with analog photography, I consider both the “negatives” and “positives” that are created, each has their own intrigue. Structures become apparent reminiscent of the buildings from my dreams as I wander from room to room. Landforms also emerge from the edges and I think about how we define the landscape. The transition zones transfix me as I continue to delve in to the inherent transformative and deceptive power of the medium of photography.