Visual Artist
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You Are Here




A schema of spontaneity.

Project Statement

Oil and water, immiscible elements, are bound to silver gelatin photographic paper to create the topographic abstractions in YOU ARE HERE. This method, called a chemigram, sits on the sidelines of photography. It is a cameraless process, but unlike its cousin the photogram, the images are created in the light allowing the interplay of chemistry to create mutations on paper. After forming peaks and valleys, ravines and waterways, I surrender control in the process and allow the materials to take over and form their own living patterns. I am only a moderator between steps.

These works are inspired by recent explorations down the Colorado River and decades of roaming  the Colorado plateau. It is in these desert places where I have felt the smallest, a pinprick in the massive view of time. Like the creation of a canyon by a river carving through millions of years of rock, so goes the chemigram process, wild and unruly but leaving marks of incomparable beauty.