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Elizabeth Stone

Visual artist Elizabeth Stone explores perception, mark making and the passage of time by combining her study of photography and drawing with biology and digital technology. The duality of art and science is a strong influence and she frequently looks to the natural environment as a point of departure when considering her own place in the world and the marks she makes. Influenced by artists as diverse as Harry Callahan, Cy Twombly and Agnes Martin, she uses a strict practice to push what is expected of the photographic medium.

Stone's studies of place and time typically extend for years before she produces a portfolio of limited edition prints. She has been awarded multiple artist in residence fellowships which provide her with concentrated focus for creating original work while engaging in stimulating intellectual dialog with other artists.

Stone's work has been exhibited in art museums and galleries across the country and her images are held in both private and corporate collections. She lives and works in rural Montana where the sky is indeed big and the grass tall.




While art making is a priority, Elizabeth has been a respected educator for over twenty years. She teaches a limited number of workshops on the creative process with fellow educator and artist Eileen Rafferty.

Curriculum Vitae

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